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Event in a Box


Australian native flora at its finest.  Bottle brush in soft pinks and greens teamed with classic white crockery.  The serviette is a burst of wattle, gum nuts and leaves. 

Napkin choice - Native burst or white

Crockery choice - White 

**Let us know your preferences in the comments section of the order form 


  • Oversize luxury table runner

  • Fabric Serviette

  • Main Plate

  • Entrée Plate or Bowl

  • Wine Glass

  • Water Glass

  • Main, entrée, dessert cutlery

  • 2x Candlesticks with candles


Optional Add Ons:

  • Floral arrangement

  • Place Card or Acrylic Cut Out

  • Champagne Glass

  • Tables and Chairs

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