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We can tailor our structure for you - contact us today to discuss your needs.

There are many uses for a marquee or structure.  

For a seated dining function you should allow floor space of a minimum of 1.5 square meter per person.  You need to take in to account the style and set up of your tables to ensure you have adequate circulating space for guests and staff. 


You will also need to consider what else you need to use your space for:

- Bridal table 

- Dance floor and DJ or Band

- Buffet tables, gift table, tea and coffee station

- Lounge area

- Bar and standing space

These are just some options, you may have others to consider too.

For a more casual event where some or all of the guests will be standing it is quite possible to reduce your space ratio down to half a square meter per person.


If you're still unsure we can help you with a floor plan, hit the button to contact us now. 

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