There are oh so many details to think about when organising a wedding. We think it's pretty simple, but you may need some level of assistance.  That's where we come in to the equation - have a look at what we can do for you.

Wedding Planning

It takes approximately 300+ hours to plan a wedding.  Seriously…it does!

But where do the 300 hours go? I hear you ask.

Research, Pinterest boards, magazines, appointments, schedules, Pinterest, phone calls, emails, Pinterest, timelines, budget, Pinterest, dreams (nightmares), fittings, phone calls, emails, site visits, cake tasting and yep...more Pinterest!  And then you still need to get up for your usual busy working week.

Let Shape Events and Hire help shape your ideas in to a cohesive look and feel and give you a seamless wedding experience.

What you get:

  • Initial meeting to learn all about you and your style

  • Unlimited email and phone correspondence

  • Up to 4 consultations with site visits if needed

  • Proposal detailing all your elements – florals, stationery, furnishings, tablescapes, lighting and more

  • Your tailormade design, telling your story

  • Sourcing or creation of your design elements

  • Floor plan and timeline

  • Source and liaise with suppliers and vendors

  • On the day management, site management, logistics, communication with vendors

  • Shape team for full set up and pack down

Perfection…in every detail – all you need to worry about is getting married and enjoying your day.

Wedding Planning from $3500 (inc. gst)

Design and Styling

How many Pins do you have on your Pinterest board? How many magazines and torn out pages do you have floating about? How many screen shots are in your phone?  And then…what do you do with all these ideas? How do they all come together? Where do you find all the items to create the look?

That’s where Shape Events and Hire come in to it – we’ll help Shape your ideas, break them down, develop a cohesive concept out of all those Pins, mags and screenshots to tell your personal story.

What you get:

  • Unlimited email and phone calls

  • 3 consultations

  • Design and concept proposal

  • Up to 3 proposal revisions

  • Professional advice and referrals

  • Frequent communication with you and suppliers

  • On the day site management and coordination of suppliers

  • Shape team for full set up and pack down

All tailored to your specific requirements.

Styling and Design from $2200 (inc. gst)

Finishing Touches

You’ve pretty much made all the big decisions but just want some help bringing it all together into one cohesive look and feel.  Shape Events and Hire will run through everything you’ve done so far, make sure you haven’t missed anything, put all the polish and finishing touches on it wrapped up in a beautiful bow. We'll even deliver it on the day for you.

Finishing Touches from $1500 (inc. gst)

Just on the Day

You’ve done all the work but need someone to run your day so you can concentrate on getting married.  That’s us!

Shape Events and Hire will come in and set up for you according to your plan and running sheet, coordinate your vendors and run your day.

Just on the Day from $850 (inc. gst)

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